Top 10 Tips to be Like Me-IBRAHIMOVIC


Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s status as a role model catapulted again on Thursday night when he scored his first Manchester United hat-trick but how easy is it to emulate the iconic no.9?

It might actually be easier than you think – if not on the football field, then certainly off it by following the Swedish talisman’s top 10 tips on how to approach life in the same way he does.

Ibrahimovic took over our official Instagram account on Friday and posted a series of 10 videos throughout the day, with each one giving fans a new piece of guidance as follows:


1. Smile more. Smile because you make other people happy and you look happy. But the smile needs to be a real smile.

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2. Enjoy life because life can be short, it can be long but make sure you enjoy it because life is beautiful.

3. Don’t be too serious. If you’re always serious, people may think something different of you. Make sure you joke, smile, have fun, give people energy. Don’t be too serious.

4. Work hard. When you work hard, everything comes back to you. Whatever you want to be, work hard. It shouldn’t be easy – because we don’t like it the easy way, we like it the hard way.

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5. Practise, practise, practise. Without practise you cannot become what you want in whatever you want. So make sure you practise, just like I do. Practise!

6. Master your man stare. I have mine, make sure you find yours. People will be afraid of you!

7. Look after your family. Whatever happens, your family will always be there. So make sure you take care of your family from day one until the end – they are the important ones. Whatever else someone says is not important but what your family says is very important. So make sure you take care of them.

8. Be brilliant. Why do it normal? Why do it more than normal? Do it brilliant. We want to be brilliant in everything we do because people remember brilliant.


9. Have respect and gain respect. Once I learned in my life when I met Fabio Capello he said to me ‘you don’t ask for respect, you get respect’. So make sure you also get your respect.

10. Be confident in whatever you do. You need to believe in yourself and have confidence in what you are doing or else it would be very difficult. So be confident.

The video below shows Zlatan reading his first two tips.


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