Reason Why I Dumped My Career To Become A Prostitute- Brazilian Lawyer Reveals


A Brazilian constitutional lawyer has left her career to become a hooker – with a better salary. Claudia de Marchi, 34, left her law job with a top legal firm last year and began having sex with businessmen and politicians for £150 an hour or £650 a night.

She has revealed the idea for the career change came from her mother who has moved to be closer to her while supporting her daughter’s profession.

She plies her new trade from the capital of Brasilia advertising as a “high luxury courtesan”.


Claudia claims to have earned almost £100,000 in first year – more than her lawyer’s salary. But she is said to knocked back clients with bad grammar or who don’t share a political views – and you have to impress her to get a second booking.

She has claimed her reason for switching careers was growing tired of the “masculine selfishness and self-indulgence” in the legal industry.

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But she reportedly added that there was also encouragement from her mother, saying: “One day my mother was watching a programme on TV interviewing luxury escort girls and was captivated by what they were saying.”

Claudia reportedly said: “I cannot stand having to conform, the daily repetitive routine, or the laziness men have to reconquer us women every day. “I’d already decided not to be a mother. So my decision had to do with frustrations I had accumulated over the years.

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Claudia, originally from the central Brazilian city of Sorriso, also claims to be a feminist and writes a blog on her experiences and tips for men.

The blog includes help when giving oral sex, treating a woman right and how to be a “real man” and she says the website receives 8,000 hits a day. |

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