4 Great Sex Positions Every Couple Need To Try


The whole idea of sex is to have a good time; an orgasm guaranteed experience with someone. Sometimes, the sex positions we chose makes the act awkward and kills the mood.


Missionary is not an ideal sex position for such instances such as one-night stand. You might not even know the person that you are having the fling with so no emotions attached.

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2.Doggy style

Eye contact is important during lovemaking. It gratifies the act and connects partners physically and emotionally. ‘Selfish’ men want doggy style, sex from behind just to satisfy themselves.

He is supposed to smooch you and admire your beautiful face.

3.Woman on top

After all the foreplay, her movements just don’t sync up. She tries to take control but ends up disappointing him.

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How awkward it will be to tell her to be submissive; just lie down, get sweaty and reach orgasm while you take charge and get my adrenaline pumping. Such interruption during love making kills the mood and makes the sex boring.

4.Reverse cowgirl

This position gives the guy pain more than pleasure. The whole idea of pulling all your weight on the guy makes it unpleasant. He only gets a full view of your posterior while you are going at it.

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This position also requires more stamina and skills for couples to reach orgasm.

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