[LYRICS] Alkaline – Mamacita Ft. Justin Quiles


Alkaline – Mamacita Lyrics

Lyrics for Mamacita by Alkaline & Justin Quiles
Top gyalis, J Quiles
Top gyalis, Young Lawd top Gyalis
Aye, Frass, Young Lawd

Young Lawd…
Señorita, show my face so she asks me for a picture.
She want to give me the pussy but dont want to look like a bitch
She is playing hard but I tell her Im not playing with you
I dont understand you girl, you dont see im getting richer
She pop her tities out when she took a sip of the liqour
So I start to getting dark on her so she runs the pussy quicker
Girl is using her head on me, never meet a girl that is slicker
Use your teeth and pull my zipper

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Baby girl fling it back make it dance.
If you want to bring your friends go ahead make your plans
Baby girl live your life make your bands
Girl I want you to loose your pants, give me a naked dance.
Spanish girls say hello Japanesse girls hello
She is rubbing on herself and touching on
herself and you know that is fuck she want.

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Your pretty and your a hotty,
sexy little body, I wonder what you can do.
Pretty and you a hotty, sexy little come and sit down on the bamboo.

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